Lipidol Optimize the energy utilisation of the diet Lipidol. by incorporating SAVE IN FEED COST. Enhance absorption of nutrients and Read More Calsporin Pioneer in the optimization of microbiota the intestinal Probiotic feed additive Bacillus subtilis C-3102 Read More Medivita C New generation of Vitamin-C with exceptional stability Stable molecule patented by LG Chem Read More

About Biogenic

We offer technological solutions for agribusiness collaborating with sustainable food systems, food safety and food security.

We are a company of nutritional solutions for animal production. Created in 2000, since the beginning we have focused on the development of products aimed to partially or totally replace the use of antibiotics, promoting sustainable agricultural production. With 20 years of experience in the market, we are fueled by qualified professionals with extensive experience, knowledge and relationship, and we seek to produce the best results for the success of our customers.


To be a reference in global agribusiness.
Create value for our clients.


Technological development.
Establishment of local and global network.


Let’s go far, let’s go together.
Do it now, do it without fail, do it until it’s done.

Animal Nutrition

We provide solutions through a specialized line of zootechnical and technological additives.



Emulsifying feed additive containing natural soy-based lecithin with biologically active lysophospholipids, engineered to increase the absorption of nutrients.



Probiotic additive based on Bacillus subtilis C-3102, a single strain, originally isolated from the soil and not genetically modified.



Nutritional additive based on polyethoxylated ascorbic acid, stable even when exposed to high temperature, developed by LG.



Enzymatic additive based on 3-phytase with microgranular presentation, and the enzyme complex composed of six different enzymes.



Pigmenting feed additives intended for manufacturers of poultry and layer products: based on double coated canthaxanthin, and marigold extract.


Sensory Additives

Composed of micro-encapsulated essential oils extracted from carefully selected plants with antioxidant properties.

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